Weekly Homily By Thomas Boles Ph.D.

One day, St. Francis of Assisi said to several of his followers: “Let us go to the village over the way and preach.”  As they went, they met a man who was greatly burdened in his spirit.  Francis was in no hurry, so he stopped and listened attentively to the man’s tale of woe.

Upon reaching the village, Francis talked with the shop-keepers, spent time with the farmers at their vegetable and fruit stalls, and played with the children in the streets.  On the way back to the monastery, he and his followers were met by a farmer with a load of hay.  Francis stopped to talk with him.  By the time he said good-bye, the morning was gone.

One of the followers seemed disappointed.  He said to Francis, “Brother Francis, you said you were going to preach.  The morning is spent and no sermon has been given.”

The saintly Francis replied, “But we have been preaching all the way.”  Not only do our thoughts give rise to words, but to actions.  As we think, so we speak and do.  As we act, so we are.  Choose, therefore, with great care what you will think.  In your thoughts are the seeds of your reputation.  Be careful of your thoughts:  They may become words at any TIME.

A wise man’s heart guides his mouth.


Proverbs 16:23

The Rev. Thomas M. Boles graduated with honors from Trinity Theological Seminary with his BT, DMin and D.D.degrees, also his MAT Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and his PhD. in Biblical Studies at Newburgh Theological Seminary.


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