Vote on April 8

To the editor:

Sharing ideas helps us make better decisions. Let’s try a new experience. Let’s grow and develop.
Avoid trying to convince anyone that you are right. People will believe what they prefer to believe.
Once we realize that something no longer works for us, we should get rid of it … such as our current electoral system. Today’s cleaning is tomorrow’s triumph.
Share your vision with others. Don’t sell yourselves short. Be proud of all you have accomplished and experienced. It’s fine to follow your dreams, but be honest about your intentions. Don’t make any false promises if you want to continue to get the necessary help to reach your goals. Focus on collaborating with people. God always gives us the time to do the things that really matter. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t have enough to do that time stretches out in front of you?
Don’t judge people by their age but by what they do, which will be surprisingly different from what you’d think they would be able to do based on their age. After his seventh straight term one would think Bob (Henderson) would seriously consider retirement in his golden years. For a job that doesn’t pay much it’s sure funny how people keep wanting to get re-elected.
Fernando (Dutra) is a different story. He was never elected. He was appointed. The past two years he has shown us he is capable of serving us as a duly elected member of our City Council.
God bless America, pray for our troops and our veterans, and don’t forget to vote on April 8.
Arthur Rock

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