This week’s homily

By The Rev. Thomas M. Boles, PhD., DMin. D.D.

The story is told of a missionary who was lost at sea and

by chance, washed up on an island near a remote native village.

Finding him half-dead from starvation and exposure, the people

of the village nursed him back to health. He subsequently lived

among the people for someĀ 20 years. During that time he

confessed no faith, sang no gospel songs, preached no sermons.

He neither read nor recited Scripture and made no claim of personal faith.

However, when the people were sick, he attended them. When

they were hungry, he gave them food. When they were

lonely, he kept them company. He taught the ignorant, and came

to the aid of those who were wronged.

One day missionaries came to the village and began

talking to the people about a man called Jesus. After hearing

what they had to say of Jesus’ ministry and teachings, they

insisted that He had been living among them forĀ 20 years.

“Come, we will introduce you to the man about whom you have

been speaking.”

They led the missionaries to a hut where they

found a long-lost friend, the missionary, whom all had thought dead.

Your true witness for Christ is the sum of all you do, not

just what you say.

As I grow older, I pay less attention

to what men say. I just watch what

they do.

Show me your faith without deed, and

I will show you my faith by what I do.

James 2:18

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