Congratulations to council winners

To the editor:

Friends, go to to read this letter since it won’t be printed or published in the Whittier Daily News.
When Jim Corbett defeated the popular John L. Sullivan for the world heavyweight boxing championship, the crowd booed the younger boxer and there was almost a riot. Big John L. walked over to Corbett and shook his hand. Then he put his arms around the younger boxer and told the boisterous crowd, “He won fair and square.”
Makes one think of our recent Whittier City Council election. The ghost of the Terminator says “I’ll be back” instead of being gracious in defeat.
It’s good to stay in a competitive mood and to know that change and growth are possible. You might not be No. 1 yet but take pride in where you are, what you have accomplished, and know that growth is possible. You have more to offer than you realize.
Not everyone looks at a situation as you do. Just because someone thinks differently does not mean you are being opposed, it’s OK to have different values and different viewpoints, but, at the same time, we should care about the success of others.
Mark Twain said, “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that. But really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great.”
Color your thinking. Think great instead of “that will do.” Think a 24-7 homeless shelter. Think Whittier in another Rose Parade.
Congratulations to Bob Henderson and Fernando Dutra for their election victories. Congratulations to our new mayor and our new mayor pro tem.
God bless America, pray for and thank our veterans and our active troops, let’s have a higher-than-1-percent voter participation on June 3 to amend our city charter, and … Happy Easter Whittier.
Arthur Rock

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