This week’s homily

By Thomas M.Boles PhD., DMin., D.D.

Stephen is described in the Book of Acts in simple but profound terms:

“Full of faith and of the Holy Spirit.” He boldly proclaimed the Gospel to all who would listen.

Skeptics came to argue against him, but none could defeat him.

Finally, in boiling anger the Jews dragged him before the Sanhedrin,

the religious court of the Jewish people.

Throughout the accusations brought against him, Stephen

remained calm, his face shining like that of an angel.

Stephen answered all their charges and confidently showed

how the Old Testament, the Hebrew Scriptures, pointed to

Jesus and declared Him to be the Messiah. It was

more than the religious Jews could stand.

They covered their ears, screamed at him, and eventually stoned him to


Stephen was only following the example of his master.

Shortly after His resurrection, Jesus appeared to two men

traveling on the road to Damascus. When they expressed confusion

about what had happened to Jesus on the cross, “beginning

at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded to them

in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.”

The Lord never expects you to follow Him blindly.

He gives you the light of His Word as evidence for faith.

Faith doesn’t make anything happen,

faith rests on something that has happened!

My soul finds rest in God alone;

my salvation comes from him.

Psalm 62:1

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