This week’s homily

Tom and Virginia Boles

Psalms 106:2

A coincidence is a small miracle

where God prefers to remain anonymous

Who can put into words and tell the mighty deeds

of the Lord? Or who can show forth all the

praise that is due Him?

By Thomas M. Boles, DMin. D.D. PhD.

On his way back to Italy, Columbus was disheartened and discouraged when he stopped at a convent one day. He asked for a drink of water. The monk who gave him a drink listened to his story.

Later, he was the man who spoke to Queen Isabella on Columbus’ behalf.

John Calvin, also on his way to Italy, found that the regular road was closed because of a war between Italy and France. Therefore, he had to pass through Geneva. There he met a man who, with fiery eloquence, demanded that he stay at Geneva and lead the work of God there.

While rummaging in a barrel of rubbish someone had left in his store at Salem, Abraham Lincoln came upon a copy of Blackstone’s Commentaries. Reading that book awakened his desire to participate in government.

George Whitfield was once a bartender in the Bell Inn. Unable to get along with his brother’s wife, he gave up his job and decided that perhaps he should return to college. He made his way to Oxford, where he prepared for his future. He is considered perhaps the greatest of all preachers.

A glass of water, a discarded book, a closed road, a disagreeable co-worker. Coincidence? More likely providence. The same hand is at work in your life.

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